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Why I’m Becoming a Life Coach



As you may have seen in my recent blog post, lots of changes are going on with me. But I wanted to fill you in on one very BIG change that I believe you will most likely be excited about.

I have been blogging since 2008, and often people ask me why I do it or how I find the time. And I always say that it’s because I can’t not do it. Blogging to me is like breathing or sleeping: it’s just something I do.

Over the years, the topics of blogs have ranged from international travel to entrepreneurship to productivity and marketing. I sometimes struggled because I wondered what was really about. Now that I am no longer a digital nomad, it’s not a digital nomad blog. It’s not a business blog completely, and it’s not a travel blog.

But recently, I finally figured out what I love more than anything and what I have been writing about all these years: I’ve been writing about how to have a fulfilling, passionate career and life.

Whether I was teaching English in Korea, vagabonding around South America, starting a business, or taking on a traditional job for the first time, I am always writing about how to have a passionate life.

How to not settle for “good enough.”

How to be stubborn and not let the world tell you that life is meant to be bland, hard, or average.

The truth is that life for all of us is meant to be a fulfilling, stimulating, and giving journey. It is meant to be an adventure in which the more fulfilled you are, the more lives around you change for the better.

Life is not meant for suffering or lack. You are not made to starve, to live paycheck to paycheck, or barely squeak by, even in the name of making art, creating music, or working for a charity.

You CAN have it all.

Looking back, this is what I have been doing all along.

I have spoken with multiple “marketing” clients over the last several years, and 9 times out of 10, our conversation was not about marketing. Those entrepreneurs I spoke with wanted their business to grow, but when we started talking about how to grow it, these are the kinds of topics that usually emerged from these individuals:

  • How to move past fear to do what they know they are meant to do
  • How to move forward despite the lack of support of their dreams by their family or spouse
  • The business isn’t going to the next level not because of marketing, but because of trying to force something to happen that is not their life purpose
  • The debilitating feeling of not knowing the next step in life
  • When to transition from a full-time job to full-time entrepreneur
  • …And other questions of life, fulfillment, and career

I believe that those who needed this kind of encouragement and coaching were drawn to me because this is my mission.

In early 2016, I spoke at the U of A to students about their life purpose:


I shared with Midtown Rotary earlier this year about how you can live your passion no matter what you do:


With the OKC Midtown Rotary gong and joined by my team member, Cassidy Fallik.


And last year at Dallas Wordcamp 2016, I helped freelancers learn how to make the scary jump from side hustle to mission and vocation:


This is my purpose and passion. It’s in my bones, and I can’t not do it.

And that’s where some exciting news comes in:

In the coming weeks and months, I am transitioning from being a marketing consultant to becoming a life and career coach, helping those in their 20s and 30s learn how to live a life that is passionate and fulfilling. 

The world is meant to have those gifts that you have hidden without realizing it. My mission is to guide you to uncover those things that were there waiting all along and have the courage to pursue them for the ultimate betterment of those around you. To do the thing that you can’t not do. The things that are in your bones.

Many believe some of these lies:

  • I can do what I love or do work that pays well, but I can’t do both.
  • Making good money is only for those with engineering, medical, or law degrees.
  • Maybe I just don’t have a passion and purpose.
  • I’ve found my passion, but it doesn’t pay well, so I’m destined to be broke.
  • I want to quit or change my job, but I have no control over it because I need the money.

If any one of these statements resonates with you, I’d like to personally invite you to join my new Facebook group, Radiant Life and Career with Anna Wickham, for those who are looking for more passion, energy, and joy in their careers and lives.

While my coaching work will focus on those in their 20s and 30s, this group and coaching is open to anyone and everyone.

You can join the group for free by clicking here.

If you’re interested in becoming a coaching client and rediscovering your passion and purpose in your life and career, you can learn more about coaching here:

Note: Because I have a full-time job, I will be accepting very few clients at a time and I expect these spots to fill fast. If you’re interested in seeing if we are a good fit to work together, don’t delay. Apply at the link above.

I’d also like to invite you to download my new audio training called, “How to Have More Passion and Fulfillment Right Now”:

One Year Ago…

Finally, I want to share with you a story of something crazy that happened as I have come to the realization of my mission:

Last weekend, I decided that I needed to update my “about” page on this website to be more consistent with my new goal instead of talking about marketing, what my previous products and services were about.

So I went into my old Word drafts of the existing “about” page to make sure it was saved before I completely changed it, and that’s when I found it:

I had already written the perfect “about” page for my mission one year ago!

Last September, in 2016, I accidentally wrote an “about” page for this vision, to help people in their 20s and 30s have a more fulfilled life and career. I loved it. Then I read it through, and I realized it didn’t talk about marketing at all!

Since I sold marketing services, I thought, “that won’t work,” so I rewrote it, but kept the original one I wrote. Now, a year later, I found it and realized this dream was on my heart all along.

Here’s the final “about” page that I wrote a year ago and tweaked very little before publishing it last weekend:

I am so excited to share my mission with you and help you find and pursue yours.

Download my Free Audio Training

Get my free audio training, “How to Have More Passion & Fulfillment Right Now.”



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  • Kiri Masters

    Congratulations Anna. It’s amazing that your subconscious was trying to communicate this path to you a year ago! It must feel good to know you’re on the right track.

    • It does! Thanks for the encouragement, @disqus_Z7bkquSkdg:disqus! 😀 I love being connected.

  • Congrats, Anna. Look forward to seeing what things you do next.

  • Adam Adam

    so basically u failed as a english teacher , failed as a digital nomad and now you offering to be a life coach?