Our little tent!

The Month of July

I sincerely apologize for not updating recently: I have been so busy this month working lots of shifts, as well as keeping busy with all kinds of activities. I’ll be leaving here soon, in less than 3 weeks, and I’m determined to take full advantage of this place before I leave. I’ll give a short

On a peaceful solitary walk at Lake Yellowstone

My Independence Day

Confessions of Gratitude     When I told my friends at Canyon that I was headed to Lake Yellowstone completely alone for a weekend of rest and solitude, they promptly informed me that I was crazy (as if I didn’t already know). But after arriving yesterday evening, I can say that it is perhaps the

Cody Wyoming Rodeo

Anna Meets the Wild Wild West

  Thanks to some awesome new friends and a little bit of good luck, I had the opportunity to get out of the park for a bit this weekend.   Thursday, my friend Mary’s best friend was flying into Jackson Hole from Missouri to visit Yellowstone for a couple of days, and she invited me

Yellowstone camping fun

NOT a Happy Camper

Backcountry camping: It’s In Tents.   To say that my first camping experience was a little rough is a gross understatement. It can be best described as mildly traumatic. Allow me to start from the beginning.   When Keri, Emily, and I left in the pouring rain to hike the 4 miles to Wranger Lake,

Hiking Boots


  Something happens when I lace up my hiking boots. There is an intrinsic power associated with them; when I put them on, a jolt of simultaneous authority and oneness with nature is sent through my whole body.   My boots are heavy and sturdy, designed to help those who don them to maintain stability