The Enemy of Your Happiness

This past week, I read an article from Business Insider. The article, originally published here by a blogger named David Cain, explained how our draining 40-hour workweeks leave us exhausted and without an ounce of ambition for anything else in our lives. I highly recommend reading the whole article so you get where I’m coming from, but here’s a

I Heart Sydney

My Return “Down Under”   This very blog began when I packed my bags and headed to Sydney, Australia, in July 2008 to for a semester. I quickly fell in love with the city– the beaches and sun, the pubs and sidewalk cafes, the Aussies I met there; I fell in love with the Sydney

Favorite (Favourite) Aussie-isms Vol. 2 + SPRING BREAK Recap

  Sus– 1. adjective- gay. 2. verb- to “feel it out”, or try. “sus it out.”   Sweet as– That is, “sweet.” It’s a simile…minus the second half. It really works with any adjective, such as “boring as” or “tired as”.   Reckon– verb this is a big one. Used conventionally: to think or supposed.

An Australian Vocabulary Lesson

My favorite Aussie-isms.    Servo– Service station   Heaps– Used like an American might use the word “tons”; the first Aussie-ism you will hear.   Ta– Thank you   Salvo– Thrift store, as in Salvation Army   Far out– man, this sucks. Real life example brought to you by my host family:   -Jason: “Man,

Politics and Religion

    As is the cliched etiquette rule, I have succeeded in avoiding talking about politics and religion, at least in the company of those who might challenge my opinions. I am a Christian, and I love talking about Jesus and my faith, but intense religious discussions have not been my preferred type of conversation.