South America

Homeless man on a bench

The Devil’s Miner: Struggling with Poverty in South America

Poverty in South America     On our first night in Sucre, Bolivia, we attended a movie night at a nearby backpacker´s bar. They were playing a documentary about the nearby city of Potosi, Bolivia, called ¨The Devil´s Miner.¨ The movie followed a 14-year-old boy, Basilio, who has been a silver miner for 4 years.

Indigenous Bolivian Women

Bolivia: Your Next Travel Destination

  We just spent a little more than a month in Bolivia, but although we were busy the entire time, there were still countless things we would like to have done there. From talking to other people about my trip, I have found that most people who haven´t been to South America don´t even normally

South American Double Decker Bus

The Infamous South American Bus Ride

  Or, “The Bus Ride(s) From Hell”   Although I rarely mention it, one of the most constant aspects of our trip is riding the bus. In the last 3 months, we have traveled thousands of miles, and spent countless hours on buses of all sorts in order to get from place to place inexpensively.

Our motorized canoe

Goin’ to the Amazon!

  One of the main things on Drew´s ¨must-see¨list for South America was the Amazon Rainforest. I admit, it´s one of the most amazing parts of South America. But even so, I was a little weary of heading into the jungle. Although we were to see tons of wild animals, they didn´t really scare me

Salt Flats in Uyuni, Bolivia

Salt Flats of Uyuni

The standard 4-day, 3-night jeep tour of the salt flats of Bolivia is a must for every backpacker visiting Bolivia. The traditional tour begins in Uyuni, a city on the edge of the famous salt flats by the same name. The city probably wouldn´t even exist if it weren´t for backpackers visiting the salt flats.