Why I’m Quitting Full-Time Entrepreneurship and Getting a “Real Job”

Things have changed drastically over the last few weeks. Those in my community have probably noticed that I haven’t been as present as I normally am, and I’ve missed them dearly. I realized that what was causing the separation was my lack of vulnerability and explaining what’s going on in my life, so now the

What Happens When a Digital Nomad Falls in Love?

I write all the time about how independent I am, living out here in Asia all on my own. Sacrificing relationships and love to build a business and a life that many people only dream of. But it isn’t entirely true. While it’s true that I have sacrificed long-term relationships in favor of being a

How to Get Anything You Want

Close your eyes and picture what you want in life: a raise or a promotion? A lifestyle business that lets you do anything you want? To travel the world? To be in a meaningful, fulfilling relationship? Whatever it is that you want, I’m about to share with you the number one way to get it.

A Fool-Proof Strategy for Asking a Woman Out

Originally published on WeLoveDates. The process of going from complete stranger to having a time and place set for date number one is definitely a tricky one. It can be intimidating to approach a woman in person and get to know her. But this process doesn’t have to be so scary. All you need are

A Female Digital Nomad’s Perspective on Relationships

The irony is probably not lost on many of my readers that I occasionally write about dating from a little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where dating prospects are nearly nil. Sure, I’ve done some dating in the past, and I obviously love talking about dating. But I tend to put myself