What Classical Piano Taught Me About Starting a Business

Hearing Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy on Spotify recently was the first time I have listened to art music since I graduated with my masters degree in music a year ago. My last semester of graduate school, I couldn’t wait to never hear art music again. The fact is that I was angry at

Has Music Criticism "gone to hell"?

Has Music Criticism “Gone to Hell”? Nope.

In a recent article in The Daily Beast, music historian Ted Gioia laments the “degeneration” of music criticism to mere lifestyle reporting of stars. His thesis is made clear in the first two paragraphs: Imagine, for a moment, football commentators who refuse to explain formations and plays. Or a TV cooking show that never mentions

Millennial barista

The Millennial Yearning For Simplicity

The millennial tendency to be overeducated in not-so-practical fields (such as history, fine arts, and English) and being overqualified for the positions they hold is one of the most misunderstood stereotypes of our generation. Although it is often misconstrued as a reluctance to enter the real world, what millennials are really trying to do is lead


Top 5 Mold-Breakers in Mainstream Music of the Last 10 Years

  Pop music is like classical music: you can’t create the masterpieces that break the mold until you have a mold to break. Since I’ve listened to the radio, I have heard so many songs that went completely against the tide at the time. The songs inevitably become so well known later on, that their


4 Things the Grammys Are About (hint: none of them are music)

The Grammys bring out a general elitist attitude among trained musicians. Since I am part of a large network of musicians, every year around this time I see a slew of comments online about how the Grammys are so “low brow” that no real musician would deign to even watch them, much less agree with any