email marketing

Top 3 Myths About Email Marketing

There are a lot of wrong assumptions out there about email marketing and it’s easily one of the most misunderstood online marketing mediums. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to tell me how much they dislike email marketing or that they refuse to use it… And I simply tell them they’re missing out on an incredible

marketing relationship

Marketing Is Dead. The New Way Is Called “Relationships.”

Marketing is not getting harder and harder. It’s actually getting easier and easier. The problem is that many business owners try to do marketing in a way that worked well 60 years ago, but doesn’t work at all today. Why has marketing changed so much? What is this new, simpler way to market your business

not creating content

Why You’re Not Creating Content

As a marketing coach, I speak with all kinds of business owners. I can’t tell you how often I hear them say, “I just don’t have enough time to write blog articles or post consistently on my social media account.” I know we’re all busy and we lead very involved lives, but I think there’s

The #1 Thing Stopping You From Digital Marketing Success

When I first started talking with business owners about their biggest challenges with online marketing, the answers surprised me. I expected to hear confusion surrounding technology, or things changing too quickly. And what’s with all of those marketing acronyms? I expected to hear lack of budgets or lack of time. But that’s not what I

better facebook ads

3 Tips for Better Facebook Ads

Since it’s the New Year, many people have the goal to begin their first Facebook ads campaign to promote their business. That’s a great idea because Facebook has access to arguably the most advanced data on the widest pool of users ever. It’s amazing! However, all that power comes with a lot of options and they