How and Why to Use Events to Market Your Business

If you’ve been keeping up with me on social media lately, you’ll see I’ve been all about the live events here in Oklahoma City, and even did a few events in Tucson, Arizona at my alma mater, the University of Arizona. Doing events has been an intentional part of my marketing strategy and in fact,

10 Great Ways to Market Your Business in Oklahoma City

There are a ton of great ways to market your business in your local community. Oklahoma City is no exception. Regardless of where your "home base" is, check out these surefire marketing tips that will earn your company some valuable recognition in your area.

4 Tips for Improving Customer Experience in Your Business

As entrepreneurs, my peers and I love to compare notes on how we can get better at  business. Buzzwords like “efficiency,” “growth hacking,” “scale,” and “strategy” all come to mind. But today I want to share some tips about one topic that isn’t discussed nearly as often as those. You’d think since we never talk about