Why I’m Quitting Full-Time Entrepreneurship and Getting a “Real Job”

Things have changed drastically over the last few weeks. Those in my community have probably noticed that I haven’t been as present as I normally am, and I’ve missed them dearly. I realized that what was causing the separation was my lack of vulnerability and explaining what’s going on in my life, so now the

9 Tips for Mastermind Success

For the first year I was in business, I led what’s called a business mastermind. A mastermind is a group of business owners who get together on a regular basis, usually once a week or once every 2 weeks, to help one another with their businesses.  We held meetings across multiple countries over Skype every

marketing relationship

Marketing Is Dead. The New Way Is Called “Relationships.”

Marketing is not getting harder and harder. It’s actually getting easier and easier. The problem is that many business owners try to do marketing in a way that worked well 60 years ago, but doesn’t work at all today. Why has marketing changed so much? What is this new, simpler way to market your business

Hiring: Social Media Intern

AnnaWickham.com is looking for a part-time remote social media specialist and assistant located in Oklahoma City to help support our talented existing social media team. We have extensive training materials for new hires, plus the existing team will give you everything you need in order to succeed. We’re looking for someone who wants to learn a