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You’re Wrong About the Entire Point of Business

There is one thing about business I’ve never addressed directly, and yet it is the most important thing to know about getting started as an entrepreneur. It’s one of the biggest misconceptions about business, and knowing this one thing before you start can help you decide if business is really for you. Here’s the common

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Why I’m Not Moving to Austin, Texas

Last week, I shared about why I decided to quit the digital nomad life and move back to my hometown of Oklahoma City. It was all sunshine and roses; and I got a lot of positive feedback from readers, which meant so much to me. But this week, shit’s about to get real and it’s

Why I’m Quitting the Digital Nomad Life and Moving Back to My Hometown

After 14 months of living as a digital nomad, running my business completely remotely, and traveling the world, I’m moving to my hometown of Oklahoma City indefinitely. If I wanted to, I could live in Hong Kong, Bali, New York City, or Jamaica. So why am I choosing Oklahoma City? Allow me to explain. What

6 Signs You’re Experiencing Reverse Culture Shock in America

After spending 14 months in Southeast Asia, I am back in the US for the holidays. When you’ve spent a lot of time on your own, it feels amazing to be back with those whom you really care about. It’s also great to be back in the US at Christmastime, a pretty magical time and

What Happens When a Digital Nomad Falls in Love?

I write all the time about how independent I am, living out here in Asia all on my own. Sacrificing relationships and love to build a business and a life that many people only dream of. But it isn’t entirely true. While it’s true that I have sacrificed long-term relationships in favor of being a