Hi! I’m Anna. Welcome to my website.

You are here because you know the power of online marketing for your business, and you feel there must be a better way to leverage it to share your passion with the world.


Maybe you have had bad experiences with “online marketing experts” who have made you believe that online marketing is too difficult for you to learn, and that you must spend thousands of dollars on consultants or agencies in order to use it for your business.


Or maybe you are overwhelmed and intimidated by all the options out there. There are so many social media networks, so many advertising opportunities, and so much stress – where do you even begin?


Many online marketing agencies and consultants benefit from obscuring online marketing, making it seem too complicated for you to ever understand. Still other online marketers use tactics that seem manipulative and make you uncomfortable.


I’m here to tell you that online marketing does not have to be this way.


Online marketing is not:

  • Too complicated for you to grasp (as many online marketing experts tell you).
  • Changing too quickly for you to possibly keep up with it.
  • Too overwhelming or intimidating for you to handle yourself while running your business.
  • About being pushy, “sales-sy,” or manipulative.


This website is designed to be a resource for anyone looking for a new framework for marketing their business online.

This framework is vastly different from the old way of marketing:

Old Framework Anna’s Framework
Online marketing is a super technical skill. Online marketing is just another way to create relationships with my target audience.
Online marketing is too difficult for me to understand. Online marketing is easy to learn, even for the layperson.
Online marketing is changing all the time so it’s impossible to keep up. Online marketing operates on a few basic principles, with only minor updates and variants as time passes.
Online marketing is about increasing revenue. Online marketing is about increasing my business’s influence, which naturally increases revenue.
My business goal is to make money and get more customers. My business goal is to share my passion and my message a little bit more each day.
Marketing my business online means being pushy with relentless ads or sales pitches. Marketing online means educating my customer about why they will genuinely benefit from my product or service.


About Anna

Anna speaking to a group of entrepreneurs about marketing in fall 2015 at a business conference in Bangkok, Thailand.


Anna Wickham is an online marketing consultant, international speaker, and entrepreneur who empowers business owners to use online marketing to become the influence they deserve to be.


For 2 years, Anna ran a successful online marketing agency called Charm House, which helped businesses share their passion using high-quality blog content, social media marketing, and email marketing.


She was surprised to find that extremely successful business owners with great products were consistently missing the point with online marketing. She helped them see that there was a better way to market their businesses that was not only exponentially more effective and profitable, but made businesses feel more connected to their customers and their community. Overall, this gave her clients more success and more influence.


Anna’s primary principles of online marketing are:


  1. Online marketing is not a technology to master. It’s a tool to connect with people and build relationships.
  2. Online marketing is easily accessible, even if you feel you are not technically inclined. It is not too difficult or fast-paced for you to learn.
  3. The purpose of online marketing is not to increase sales; it’s to expand a business’s influence, which impacts the world and increases revenue naturally.
  4. Becoming educated about online marketing empowers you to make better decisions for their business and more effectively communicate your business’s value.


In 2016, Anna decided to make it her mission to equip as many business owners as possible with the skills and knowledge needed to market online more effectively.


Her mission inspired her to start Influence School, a membership community for business owners who want to learn how to market online more effectively, and Content Roll, an online content subscription service to help businesses educate their prospects about their products using the power of blogging.


Anna is a known thought leader in the online marketing world, helping business owners around the country and world gain more influence through her services, consulting, and speaking. To check out Anna’s speaking schedule, click here. To learn more about hiring Anna to speak at your upcoming event, click here


Anna is also a former digital nomad. After selling everything she owned in 2014, Anna started her agency, Charm House, while traveling through 6 different countries in 14 months. She retired from the digital nomad life at the end of 2015 to settle in her hometown of Oklahoma City. 


Learn more about Anna’s personal journey here.


Currently, she leads regular seminars to business owners, teacher her unique marketing principles.

Influence and Brown Bag Lunch n Learn

Influence & Brown Bag, Anna’s monthly lunch n’ learn. To learn more, click here.



Here’s what others have said about working with Anna and her team:


Anna always has much to offer and is generous with what she knows. Depth of knowledge, depth of experience and high energy are Anna’s strong points.

Brett Dickerson

I’m impressed, even amazed at Anna’s market savvy. She has greater insight than I’ve observed in many seasoned marketing professionals with years of experience.

Galen Brinson

Taking the time to chat with Anna was hands down one of the best moves I’ve made for my business.

Jeff Parke

Charm House is a joy to work with, they just get marketing. The Barn’s social media is active now with relevant information, and they assessed The Barn’s website content and made changes that mattered.

Charm House took the reins with minimal direction from me and understood what needed to be done. Thank you Charm House!

Aimee Struble
Owner / The Bark OKC

Anna and her team know content management, and how to successfully publish content in a specific industry. We had been successfully publishing content in a niche for 5 years when we hired Anna and her team, and while we were doing a lot of things right, Anna helped us identify the things that we weren’t getting right. Adjusting these items has already made a hugely positive impact on our business!

Anthony Fasano
Engineering Career Coach

I was really impressed with the quick-launch package. At first I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the investment, but it exceeded my expectations. It is a valuable catalogue of resources created just for our business that I’m sure we will reference again and again in the future.

Nick Karrasch

“In this day and age of wanting instant results, the few weeks it took the Charm House team to develop our Quick-launch Strategy Roadmap was worth the wait. Once we received our roadmap, we were blown away by the amount of detail, time and effort that was put into it. It provided us with a crystal clear vision, actionable steps and key insights for moving forward with our content driven project.

The investment into the Quick-launch Strategy Roadmap returned an immediate ROI especially considering the value that was packed into it and how expensive and time consuming it would have been to create this on our own or through different sources. I highly recommend anyone looking to launch a content development program to consider Charm House.”

Greg Berry
CEO / Municibid

Anna and her team are really great! They took the time to understand our content and to write for our specific audience. They are through, reliable, and communicate really well; things that are all too rare! There is just no way that I could produce the quality and quantity of great content that Charm House does for us each month.

Barry O'Kane
Owner / Endzone

It’s been a real pleasure working with Charm House. We have very high standards for our content marketing and ours is a subject which requires some expertise to write well about – and Anna and her team have certainly delivered!

This is a company which really knows what modern content marketing is all about and they take the time to think through innovative solutions to truly suit their client’s needs and serve the target audience. I’m delighted with the results we’ve seen so far and I’m looking forward to what’s next.

Christopher Sutton
Founder / Musical U

Anna pointed out areas I hadn’t thought about to market myself online, and different angles I could take with it that really resonated with me.

Janet Brent

Anna has a fantastic mix of technical expertise and optimism in her field…I came away with a lot to think about, as well as a fresh perspective on my business goals.

Matt Smith

Anna was extremely helpful in highlighting ways to improve my business. She gave me a few great ideas to implement that I believe will increase the number of conversions from my website over time.

Courtney Young
Red Label Productions

Anna is awesome – extremely personable and insanely thorough. Her business/marketing analysis is spot on.

Grant Weherley


How to Get Started

If you are ready to revolutionize the way you market your business forever, here’s where you can get started:

  • Anna’s free resources – why not get started by grabbing the free goodies on this site?
  • The “Start Here” page – everything you need to get going turbocharging your business quickly.
  • Anna’s YouTube channel – Check out all Anna’s YouTube video library of free online marketing advice.
  • Influence School – Influence School is Anna’s membership community for those who want to learn how to market their businesses online. If you’re serious about changing the way you market your business forever, Influence School is your first stop.